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                   A FITFUL LIFE


A Fitful Life is a memoir; that took over three years to write, that gives an account of living with Epilepsy, Depression and Anxiety in British Society between the years 1978-2020.

You will learn from reading this book about all the discriminative, as well as, mentally traumatic life experiences the author has been subjected to in education, employment, social life, family life, relationships with the judicial system etc that resulted in the developing of a number of depressive and anxiety disorders; leading to eventual social exclusion.

Those who are affected by anxiety and depression will benefit from reading this book as it also shares with the reader how the author has managed his anxiety and depressive disorders through the use of self symptom management techniques and has as a result of this never required treatment from mental health professionals, nor, required medication. The reader will also learn how the author used other self-symptom management techniques to defuse seizure warnings from developing into seizures upon feeling warning symptoms, such as, sudden panic and anxiety.

This book will shock the reader as it exposes many reputative institutions that make up modern day British society as being abusive, dishonest and to show an ignorant attitude towards those with physical disability and/or mental health complaints. What these institutions are guilty of is made extra shocking by the fact that many are involved in the looking after and providing of services to those with physical disability and mental health complaints.

You will also learn about the flaws of disciplines like psychiatry and be left thinking how much psychiatric theory is non-scientific and very likely shaped by the interests of politics and industry.

A Fitful Life may leave you feeling shameful to be human and is a story that every misanthropist will strongly relate with.  


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